A robust framework to thoroughly test any FIX Engine, with predefined business case scenarios to ascertain compliance with FIX Protocol Specifications. This Tool will also perform high load and stress testing to determine fault tolerance level and server stress measurements of any FIX Engine.

Product Features
Predefined Business case scenarios to rigorously test any FIX Engine
Virtually unlimited number of sessions can be tested in parallel
Extremely easy to build powerful custom test cases
No software integration needed
Ability to send messages faster than any FIX Engine can handle
Implemented in Erlang/OTP, providing robust platform for testing
Detailed description of test results, that helps finding FIX Engine faults
Highly configurable
Auto and Manual testing mode

Adding custom test case is as simple as writing one line of code in the test template. For example, to send one “Logon” message followed by 1000000 “Application messages”, and then one “Logout” message, is as simple as adding one line of following code in Test Template.

{logon, 1},{application,1000000},{logout,1}

Product Information
Contact us at for product sales, and for more information on usage and benefits.

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