A robust and strict, yet highly configurable, implementation of FIX Engine, on battle tested rock solid Erlang/OTP platform. The product is designed for extremely high traffic and features inbuilt parallel and distributed computing, to deliver exceptional performance on even modest hardware.

About Erlang/OTP
The Erlang Open Telecom Platform (OTP) is a battle tested library code for building extremely high performance, reliable, scalable and available distributed network applications.

Product Features
Full compliance with FIX specifications
High throughput and Low latency
Parallel and distributed computing in-built
Inbuilt protocol security
Highly configurable by feature and functionality
Later delivery of messages while link is down
Extremely easy integration with Application Systems
Powerful business rules
Ability to handle peak traffic
Designed using best practices in Architecture and Software Development

Business Advantages
Highly fault tolerant system
Supports virtually unlimited parallel sessions
Distributed hardware scalability without software changes
Less maintenance
Integrated Router
Capacity to handle high traffic
Advanced Business Rules
Multi-platform deployment
Highly configurable
Easy integration and deployment
24x7 Professional Support

Product Information
Contact us at for product sales, and for more information on usage and benefits.

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