ALPHA (built on Google Cloud Technologies)
A set of online scientific tools for Semiconductor MOS CV characterization.

GRADE EXPERT (built on Google Cloud Technologies)
Online study platform with fast intuitive interface, for hosting online courses by private teachers as well as big educational organizations, as e-learning platform.

HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (built on Google Cloud Technologies)
A web based system to completely manage Hospital workflow, store data online and make the Hospital paper-free. Allows Doctors and others to login into system to update Patient Data during treatment stage. Transfer patient’s medical data from one hospital to another. Provides complete invoicing and billing module. Patient’s medical data is stored in secure server in Europe with military-grade data encryption. Complete system edit trail is maintained to comply with medical audit.

A robust and strict, yet highly configurable, implementation of FIXT1.1 (FIX Session Layer Protocol), on battle tested rock solid Erlang/OTP platform. The product is designed for extremely high traffic and features inbuilt parallel and distributed computing, to deliver exceptional performance on even modest hardware.

A robust framework to thoroughly test any FIX Engine, with predefined business case scenarios to ascertain compliance with FIX Protocol Specifications. This Tool will also perform high load and stress testing to determine fault tolerance level and server stress measurements of any FIX Engine.

A powerful tool implemented in Erlang/OTP, with simplicity and ease of use in mind, to thoroughly analyze, parse and validate FIX messages from a file. Highly flexible configuration file is used to define mandatory/optional tags and message credentials for every tag, towards verification of FIX messages. This tool can be used on a distributed network as well, to analyze files from remote machine.

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